We are group of nerds who love to eat bananas and drink green tea oftenly. We have solution for every problem…except the problem that Flat Earthers has.

TECHSROAT Network (formerly known as MIRSETECH) is originally created with a purpose to be a service which would share free download for cracked software, also known as software piracy, which is not good at all especially if you don’t want to end up in a jail for a few years.

In the meantime we got interest in a lot of fields of tech and bussines industry. So, we decided to drive our vision into a different direction.

That decision ended up as right one, and we feel happy about that.

TECHSROAT Network is happily involved in:

– software development
– web development
– cryptocurrencies world
– video & audio production
– graphics design
– product design
– bussines & marketing strategies

TECHSROAT Network is an idea that has been made in 2014. But, it is officialy founded on Saturday the 10th of June, 2017 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (also known as shithole, unfortunately).

If you have asked yourself “why the heck you took TECHSROAT as a name?”, here’s answer:

the name is formed out from two abbreviations: “tech”, which obviously stands for “technology” and “sro(a)t” which in Hindi language means “source” but without (a) character. We add (a) in “srot” to make a name more, kind of “stylized” and to add triangle instead of (a) to make us feel like Illuminati supporters.

That’s it, enjoy your beautiful day on planet Earth.

P.S Finally, we found the solution for Flat Earthers, here it is: take up to 200ml cup of high quality hydrazine everyday.

If something from above have offended you, take it as a satire.