How to fix favicon on WordPress if it doesn’t show

From the time when I start my website via WordPress, I had this problem. I wasn’t able to see favicon on the browser bar even though everything is okay (size, shape etc.). After doing a lot of research on forums, I finally found out what was the problem. So, I’m here to share the solutions with you.

1. Upload favicon to the root folder

First of all, you’ll need to upload your favicon to a root folder of your website, like on photo shown below.

**Favicon file should be named favicon.png (or jpg)**

2. Rename it

Once you have finally uploaded a favicon to the root folder, rename it from favicon.png (or jpg) to favicon.ico, like on photo shown below.

Once you have done it, it should look like this:

3. Open header.php

Go to WordPress > Appereance > Editor > find header.php.

4. Copy code

Once you have opened header.php, under < head > copy code from below:


Final code should look like this:

**Don’t forget to rename to your real website URL**

5. That’s it

Your problem is now fixed, finally. Enjoy!

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