How to run L.A. Noire in 60 FPS with Rockstar Launcher

L.A. Noire is a really great game, even in a 30 FPS. But, we all want that 60 FPS to make a game more enjoyable. Here’s way how you can do it.


1. Download fix

Go to this page and download the fix that you will be using.

2. Open the fix

Once you’ve downloaded the fix, open it and click on icon like from the image below.

3. Select L.A. Noire

In the list select “L.A. Noire”.

4. Find the right memory location to edit

Click on “First scan” and set everything like on the image down below.

5. Open the reference for edit

Once you’ve done all of that, open the 2nd reference that is shown on the bottom of Cheat Engine.

6. Edit it

Once you did that, change the value to 119.88 and close Cheat Engine.

7. One little problem

Once you do everything listed above, you’ve activated the fix. But, you will have to do this every time you start the game.

8. Enjoy L.A. Noire

In the end, I’ll recommend you to enjoy in shiny 60 FPS in L.A. Noire.


This method will not work with cracked versions of game.


All credits goes to Typpi.

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