How to fix Ebay’s infinite loop sign in


1. Download AdBlocker

Go to this page and download and install the fix that you will be using.

1. Open and sign-in to Ebay

normally with your email and password.

2. Don’t do the verification

Once you get the verification screen like on the image below, don’t verify – WAIT.

6. Open the AdBlock Control Panel

Open the AdBlock Control panel from top right side (depends on a browser).

7. Enable/disable it

Once you opened the AdBlock Control panel, click on “Enable/disable on this site”.

7. Submit the form

When you enable/disable an AdBlock, the notification like on the image below will show (design depends on a browser) – click on “Send” two times.

10. Enjoy Ebay

In the end, the sign-in is successful and you can continue using Ebay.

Check video tutorial about this

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